Your First Life - The Internal Life!

Your inner life can be divided into various parts such as emotions, state of mind, thoughts, reactions, senses etc. However, in more general terms your inner life is composed of just two distinct parts. Your THOUGHT and Your EMOTIONS, collectively called Your STATE of MIND/Being. Or as is more commonplace in todays world... Your Mind State or Mindset.

Removing Division!

However, to divide an individual into any number of parts in order to make sense of the whole is in reality a futile undertaking, simply because when such division begins other realities are constantly unearthed and often to the contrary. For example, in our attempt to separate the OUTER from the INNER life we begin to glimpse that the two are completely integrated, much like the sense of touch isn't realized within until the external, tactile world becomes involved. The same can be said of hearing, seeing and feeling.

Something felt within is, as far as we can tell an effect of an external occurrence or experience. We feel pain FROM the outside world (but not always) through the nervous system and into the brain. We become depressed or any number of other feeling states due to combinations of and integrations with external factors.

As you begin to see, there really is no inner at all, despite such phrases as "search within for the answer", "concentrate within" etc. WITHIN is the culmination of the effects of and integration with the EXTERNAL.


Removing Obstacles To PRACTICAL RESULTS!

Although the 3Lifes website offers some free meditations and similar methods for the user to begin to experience an improved inner state, these tools are not intended to be used as a crutch or replacement for conscious rational thinking. Instead, they are offered as practical tools to improve the external life thereby improving the internal life. The two are often interchangeable.  Such phrases as, "money (external) cannot buy happiness (internal)" and "search for the answers within" are examples of phrases that become disempowering to the individual rather than empowering simply by turning the individuals focus from the external to the internal life and usually at the expense of the external life.

All happiness is an effect of integration with the external. Examine the image to the left and that fact is blindingly obvious. No amount of searching within will ever improve a persons happiness.

A Practical Approach!

To succeed in life takes many skills that are often labeled as being INNER Qualities but as we are beginning to see those qualities only become available when we integrate with the external.

Practical skills such as: assertiveness, focus, motivation, enthusiasm, communication skills and other qualities are required to succeed in life. There is however one supreme quality or skill that towers above the rest. That quality is concentration. It makes or breaks you every time. BUT, to fully concentrate a person must KNOW what he or she wants to achieve so that the goal can be concentrated upon or given focus through THINKING.  Or more aptly put, Constant Imagining. 

And again, to constantly imagine one must have a very clear idea of the external result or goal in order to imagine it. One must KNOW What One Wants in order to achieve it.


Becoming Super Productive!

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