Your First Life - The Creative Life!

As with the other two life's your creative life (or business life) can theoretically be divided into many sections or blocks, but in more general terms we are speaking here of What You Create or What You CHOOSE. Whether that's a painting or a business.

And again, what you create is usually an effect of your two other life's and the experiences you have within those two lifes.  Or more aptly put, what you create is usually a self determined pursuit based on your thoughts feelings, past actions and experiences. These are then directed towards a given end, pursuit or interest. 

However, in this instance we are speaking of what you create in order to eliminate the traditional job based external life as well as achieve the ideal internal life in order to have a better and Forever Expanding EXPERIENCE. A SINGLE and BETTER LIFE... What we term Your "E" Life or "eLife". Or, YOUR LIFE PURPOSE! So, that you can eventually Master Your Destiny.

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