Your Third Life - The Creative Life!

As with the other two life's your creative life (or business life) can theoretically be divided into many sections or blocks, but in more general terms we are speaking here of What You Create. Whether that's a painting or a business. And again what you create is usually an effect of your two other life's and the experiences you have within those two lifes.  Or more aptly put, what you create is usually a self determined pursuit based on your thoughts feelings, past actions and experiences. These are then directed towards a given end, pursuit or interest.

However, in this instance we are speaking of what you create in order to eliminate the traditional job based external life as well as achieve the ideal internal life in order to have a better and Forever Expanding EXPERIENCE. A SINGLE and BETTER LIFE... What we term Your "E" Life or "eLife".

Asserting Yourself!

As we have already mentioned on the Outer Life Page we believe that the first step to creating a fantastic life begins with the you that you are currently being, followed by the discovery of the limitless possibilities available to you in the future. To that end we created the 3 Lifes Assertiveness Program in order for you to begin a path to self discovery to enable you to KNOW Exactly what it is that you want to create for your life.

This 12 month program will help you discover yourself and help you to make preparations and improvements to your current life and abilities. You can begin the program with the Free Assertiveness Training here.


Becoming Super Productive!

Again we make mention of productivity which is the cornerstone for change and creating a new and better life, and to that end whether its your Inner, your Outer or your Creative Life, the first step to integrating those 3Lifes is having a great system to help you achieve a great life. We believe we have found such a system. Super Productive Power Funnels is a system that helps you to remove the blockages from your life and guides you through a process to create your dreams in the fastest possible time in a simple step-by-step process.

Now anyone can become Super Productive and gain Iron Grip Control of their life, including you. Find out more at the Super Productive Power Funnels website.

Your Services For Hire!

Through the process of Becoming More Productive and of becoming more in touch with yourself and your personal desires through Increased Assertiveness you will eventually merge with definite skills and Services You Can Offer in order to create a personal income outside of Your Regular Job.

4eHire is the 4eLife Freelancers and Service Providers forum which you can use to sell your services for profit to a growing community. You can get started as soon as you like by visiting 4eHire Freelancers & Service Providers.


Open Your Own Storefront!

At the point where your services and business interests grow to such a degree that you want to sell real products you can make use of the 4eShop Marketplace in order to sell your wares. You will get your own storefront where you are able to add your own logo and custom header to personalize and make your 4eShop standout from the crowd.

At the 4eShop Marketplace you get the benefit of being in a marketplace where hundreds of shop owners are bringing potential customers to the marketplace making it easier for you to sell more of your wares. Register today and begin building your 4eShop Marketplace Storefront.

Get The Word Out!

Once you have your 4eHire Services in place as well as your own 4eShop Marketplace Store Front, and have made use of other 4eLife Services it's time to promote your product and service offerings. You can do that easily by making use of the various 4eLife Classified Advertising and Community Services including Publishing Articles, Creating Groups and other 4eLife Service Locations and Features.

However the 4eLife In-House Advertising Agency allows you to advertise your storefront or services using text and banner ads throughout the whole 4eLife Network. You can find out more at the 4eLife Advertising Agency Services Site.


New World Opportunity!

Not only can you do all of the above - You can do it whilst knowing that any costs that you incur are going into a business you have a direct interest in, should you wish it. You can also promote the same system and get paid for it. You also get to become part of something bigger by joining a group of like-minded people who are actually willing to help each other to succeed!

The New World Opportunity is your opportunity to begin creating a bigger and better life for yourself and your family. It's easy to get started right away. Just visit the 4eLife New World Opportunity website to find out how.

Become part of the 4eLife Network and the New World Opportunity to Breath More LIFE Into Your Online Activities.


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