Your Second Life - The External Life!

In broad terms your external life can be easily summed up by What You DO, or your ACTIONS.  Your external Life or Actions are closely related to your Internal Life or your Mindset. Everything that you do in your outer life is colored by your Internal Life or Mindset. What you do becomes more enjoyable and much improved as your Inner State or Mindset improves. You could say that Your Actions Are An Effect of Your Thoughts. But the results you attain from your actions are not determined by your thoughts alone! In that case Reality is the teacher.

It is traditional that the external part of your life becomes occupied by: A job or career, a relationship, friendships and usually but not always, an hobby or interest. Remember here we are just generalizing and not dividing your life into sections or blocks. We are speaking of what is usually true for everyone.

Your Lifes Mission

It goes without saying that what you do with your life determines the results that you get. But it is commonplace to:

  • Educate and Improve Yourself.
  • Find Yourself In Good Employment.
  • Earn Your Way To A Good Career.

Then everything that you do including health and relationships usually fits around those three focal points. At the same time saving as much as possible in order to live a even better life one day.


Finding The Best Employment

3Lifes has teamed together with to enable you to start creating an online resume that clearly displays all of your talents and skills in the best possible way. This will help to support your career and job seeking efforts well into the future.

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Asserting Yourself!

Without effort, nothing gets done. Aristotle said that the definition of madness is: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If you do the same things nothing will change. To improve your life you need to improve your external actions which in turn improves your inner state and vice versa. As we have seen the Internal Life and External Life are one and the same and so to improve one the individual needs to work on and improve both.

To that end we have created a 12 month program entitled: The 3Lifes Assertiveness Program.  The program is about analysing yourself and your life in order to produce better results. A better experience. You can check it out by clicking the 3Lifes Free Training Program link here.


Becoming Super Productive!

Whether its your Inner, your Outer or your Creative Life, the first step to integrating those 3Lifes is having a great system to help you achieve a great life. We believe we have found such a system. Super Productive Power Funnels is a system that helps you to remove the blockages from your life and guides you through a process to create your dreams in the fastest possible time in a simple step-by-step process.

Now anyone can become Super Productive and gain Iron Grip Control of their life, including you. Find out more at the Super Productive Power Funnels website.

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