Why Won't The Tree Fall Down?

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As you have probably guessed I am referring to a metaphorical tree only. I could very well have asked "Why Am I Not Successful".

I could answer that myself simply by saying

"Because I am NOT Successful"?


And that is very true. I think it was Henry Ford who said "If you think that you are a looser then you are right, and if you think that you are a winner you are also right". Something like that. (Let me know in the comment box if you know what the real exact quote is). It's a great starting point philosophy/belief.

Anyways, what he was saying is that, "YOU are the cause of your own success or failure". You can only fail by your own acceptance or admission of failure and all of those other quotes and phrases stating that:


You Are Responsible/Accountable for your own life, success and failure?

It's all On You and Me.

That actually puts all of the responsibility on you and/or me. That's kind of scary when you think that you could loose - No-one to blame and no-one to point your fingers at.

It's also very empowering.

Just think - YOU are the cause of your success or failure. In Everything That You Do.

When I first read the book that contained those words "You can only lose by your own acceptance of failure" I was quite angry.

"I was to blame for all the misery that had befallen me because I chose to travel the road less traveled? I was to blame for the misery caused through the lack of money which I was taught at a young age (or so I thought) to spend my life trying "to get" and always falling short. I was to blame for loosing the girl, for never being married, for never having kids or being in a position to be able to afford to have kids or any of that other stuff. Buy an house and all of the other rubbish?

It really was rubbish (because of the lifelong debt involved in buying one), but I couldn't afford the rubbish which I was then angry about not being able to afford? (I mean the debt and not the girl, the kids etc - they are obviously not rubbish).

To find myself wanting the things I deemed as rubbish makes no sense at all. But who doesn't want their own home? It's the debt I have a problem with.

Back To Point - Back to the beginning

You could say that the tree wouldn't fall down because I was a failure at everything that I did? Or you could say that the tree wouldn't fall down because my axe just wasn't  sharp enough. I have never been the sharpest chisel in the box but even with a blunt axe that tree should have fallen many years ago. It's probably a good job it didn't It would have probably landed on me. Or did it actually fall on me many years ago, Who knows?

- But seriously, was I to blame for the tree not falling so to speak?

- Was I really to blame for the struggle and the failure that came with it?

- Or if Henry Ford was right, then could I actually have already been a failure before I started the journey?

More to the point, Could I start down a road where success and abundance would jump into bed with me? (metaphorically of course).

A Changed Mind - I'm Saved - Yeayhh

Then it hit me - I was not a failure. I was a winner, I won in my past and I am winning now and I will win in my future which I will be creating myself thank you very much.

Ok so that was just a moment of encouragement and hope. But what if it wasn't. What If I actually sharpened my axe and hit that tree hard? Under my own steam - Eben Pagan calls it pulling yourself up by the bootstraps.

It was at that very moment that I decided to claim what was right in front of me. It was mine. I am claiming it and I will make it successful.

Enter Alex Jeffrey's

What was before me was Alex Jeffrey's Coaching Course. Right there in my inbox where it had been for a couple of days which is strange as I usually delete my email box early morning and throughout the day a couple of times. (six or seven if I'm honest).

What the heck, I had thrown thousands of $$$ down the drain over the past 10 years on websites and other money making methods in the hope of making a few bucks from my efforts.

I invested in the program and am currently studying the modules - To be honest I'm kind of peeved because of the amount of information and knowledge and work before me. That Alex bloke piles it all in there and holds nothing back. I am going to have to do as much work in the future as I have done in the past  but with one consolation - The work in the future will be TARGETED to a specific outcome.

Targeted towards an end goal. I am not so sure what that is at present (which tree to strike first) as I know it will involve me helping others in different ways and before I can do that I need to first find out what they want?

Which is exactly why I am here - To find out what people want then give it them. To find out what you want, yeah you!!!


Back To That Tree

As I took my first steps to claiming my future (at last) my first action was completing an application form into the Alex Jeffrey Coaching Program. As I filled out the application a particular question stopped me and made me think (more than usual). The question was, "What do you think as stopped you from getting any success from the internet.? - Why do you think that you have not had any success on the internet".?

Well, the thought: "obviously the money to invest in qualified people to build my site and do a lot of the work for me" rushed through my mind.

Then I paused and another thought began to formulate in my mind with the backed up integrated truth behind it and I began to write the answer:

Because I have been chopping at the FOREST and waiting for a Tree to Fall Down?

Obviously this means I have been building lots of projects at the same time and getting nowhere with any of them - Multitasking.

Like the airplane journey that has hundreds of course corrections before arriving at it's destination I have been making hundreds of tiny course corrections. In fact I was on one plane trying to arrive at several destinations.... When I met Alex Jeffrey's he forced me to stop Multitasking. I have now landed my plane and it's time to refuel and start another journey.

I just need to make sure that the journey I decide to make from this point forward is heading in one direction and not trying to get from London to Miami, New York, Span, Brazil and Italy all at the same time.

Then maybe one day soon I will be able to shout TIMBER as I make my first dollar (or two) on the internet. Oh yeah, and the tree falls down without landing on me?

If you know what the Henry Ford Quote was I would be interested in finding out.

Thanks For Listening


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