Time Management or Not?

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This is not going to be the typical time management post giving hints and tips to best plan and organize your days, weeks, months and years ahead. Instead I am going to bring the whole concept of time down to earth.

Let's Be Honest.

Time does not and cannot exist. (remember these are my own thoughts about this).

Time does not exist. In fact, someone we all know and love or have at least heard of agrees with me, Professor Stephen Hawking. (coincidentally?).


Time Does Not Exist and if time does not exist then how can we ever hope to control it. Again my own views here.

Time, is said to be a construct within space which also does not exist. It makes sense then that there is something happening regarding time. and the concept of time. Let's look a little closer.


Time as viewed from HERE - Let's call "here" day 1. (it could be minute one, hour one, day one, week one year one etc). So wherever or whenever you are Right Now let us call it day 1.

From that point day 2 appears, then day 3 and so on. So what is happening here? How is time passing if time does not exist.

Let's take another look....

From the point of day 1 we walk and we keep walking and all of a sudden day 2 arrives, day 3 after that and so on.

It  is a strange concept to agree that something exists from this example and also to say that it doesn't exist, or the time lapse from day 1 to day 3 didn't occur. There is clearly a space between the two points of day 1 and day 3. But again all space is filled so how can there be space. Don't worry this will become clear soon.

Back To The Beginning

So let us do the same experiment again but instead of walking let's simply stand still. After what we now call 3 days, day 3 will appear. Whether we want it to or not. Yet if we walk straight ahead for 3 days the third day will still appear.

From the above examples/scenarios it appears as if we move through time. We move one step to another (days) and all of a sudden a point from what we saw as being in the future appeared out of nowhere. As if we were moving through time. (which doesn't exist, right?).

Time Implies Movement

As we move or walk forward INTO what we think and see as the future what is really happening is that the same point (in the future) is coming to us. It is coming to meet us. Have you ever heard of the phrase "what is yours will come to you"?

TIME is coming to us so we do not need to go out to meet it, we do not need to rush into an uncontrollable future that doesn't exist for what we are then really doing is "running from the present". Because the future is NOW.

What in reality seems like TIME isn't time at all. It is MOVEMENT. The universe flows and moves (Stephen Hawking called this space time).

Making Plans For The Present - NOT The Future.

So now to make plans for the future is foolish. Instead make plans for right now. Or... in other words MOVE or ACT in a certain way to produce certain results in THE PRESENT. (not a future time - this is why belief is so important. We have to will our vision to occur through belief - Belief that we can create it.). Creating something in the future makes sure that what you are creating stays in the future? Out Of Reach?

So knowing this, when we make plans (for the future) what we are in actual fact doing is Writing (Drawing) a picture of the present we wish to create NOW. Not in some unreachable future. We are drawing "a way" in which to change the circumstances we now find ourselves in and wish to change.

Nowhere To Hide

There quite literally is no running away, there is nowhere to run too. Only HERE, Only NOW. So to live in the present and be present in every moment of NOW should be our goal. What we DRAW in that present is what we hope "to be" - NOW. (When I say draw I literally mean DRAW as in draw a picture in words or images).

To coin a phrase, "To Be or Not To BE, That is The Question". To be implies CLAIMING! Highlander agrees?

To want money now is simple. Create a new now, don't rush out there for it. it isn't there. It is here right now? Isn't it? Only you can say. Like Henry Ford said (again) "If you think you are poor then you are right, and if you think you are rich, you are also right.

Don't plan for the future - CLAIM Your NOW. Then make it better?

If you have some great planning scheduling tips please share them. If you have the time?

Thanks For Reading.


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