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I would love to tell you that my story was a fairy tale,  that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth or that some other magical instant method of being handed life on a silver platter but I don't want to lie to you or myself.

In-fact my life as been a direct reflection of the powerful outcomes that "could have been," that I have just mentioned. I was always a musician - Actually a Drummer and although many people say they would like to become a drummer it isn't a very respected position among other musicians.

There's a running joke that goes like this: "What do you call a guy who hangs around musicians?" - A DRUMMER"!


My Dog Roxy & Me - Im The One In The Blue T-Shirt. She's An American Bull Dog

Hi, My Name Is Stephen Hawkins.....

and I have been a drummer for 35 years playing with some pretty great TV personalities - I could tell you the full story behind that but to be honest it wasn't as glamorous as it would sound if I were to tell that story. In-fact it was a nightmare.  Struggle after struggle after struggle after.... Well you get the picture.

Financially it was much worse than I could ever say but I could be looking at it negatively in comparison to what it was like for me as a young kid. I was working as a drummer in a show-band playing the UK northern club circuit from the age of 9. People used to love me especially when I played "Wipeout" and I used to love being around them.

I was earning $12 per night 35 years ago. It was great. When I look back at the inflation rates and cost of living in general I have never been so well off. I was working 5 nights per week mostly, but sometimes just 3 or 4.

Although it's hard for me to do I have to show you a very old photo of me back then when I was a little girl. Wooohhaa did I actually say that? Well just take a look for yourself, I'm the one on the left in the white catsuit and long hair. Well I was only 9 years old.


When I Was An 9 Year Old Girl In A Band?

Let Battle Commence

Then I left school and life began to kick.... Kick me down that is. From the age of 16 to 35 I trod the road of what I call the camels back. And not the one humped or flat backed ones. Up and down and up and down and... Nuff said.

In short I would start in some day job I hated for a couple of years and give that up to go on a summer season for 6 months, the season ended and I searched for a job again then gave the job up for a summer season then the summer ended...


My whole life was suffering from a kind of repetitive strain disorder.

When I was 19 I played in a pop band working the length and breadth of the UK. Clubs, UK and US Bases Pubs, Nightclubs, You name it and we played it. The money was terrible though - I was always working and I was always skint.

The upside to that job was that we got to travel around Europe, Spain Italy, Germany Portugal and The Azores. It sounds great as I tell you this now but it was really hard work and really rough on the senses. We spent most of our time in a Sherpa Van which was very small to carry our equipment and five band members. We where all at each others throats half way through as we all where very frustrated. we where in a fantastic country and all we did was drive through it.

After a couple of months no one wanted to be there which made me mad because I really wanted to be there. I was loving it but the whole situation was a complete downer. In the photo below the guitarist is on the right. He just wants to go home, you can see that quite clearly. The girl singer on the left had fallen out with here husband (the bass player in the striped t-shirt) and I was just gobsmacked that everyone was so miserable, and they where making me miserable. By the way check my perm out. (Laughs to himself - I was really trying to be cool but not pulling it off at all right? go on you can say it? ah ok then).


I Want To Go Home...

It Get's Worse

My whole career was up and down from there on and although it was rough before that point for a couple of years after leaving school - from this point it went horribly wrong. I think that tour broke everyone and I wasn't together enough to realize that it had psychologically paralyzed me, so spent the following years in a sort of limbo struggling to get over the bar but always falling under it. (that's strange because that's what you have to do?)

Jumping ahead a few decades... (If you want to know what I was doing in those decades Visit At the age of 35 I had a very bad accident that to be honest was totally my own fault. At first it was difficult to accept the blame but eventually I did and I began to forgive myself and keep on keeping on again.... No-one else was hurt so I could at least sleep at night. But alas I was at the bottom of the camels hump again and another upward struggle would have to begin.

At the same time around the age of 35 I began to read, something I had not done for a while, apart from drum music that is. I read business books and marketing books and books on advertising and other related topics. It didn't get me anywhere as my life just ticked away slowly but surely. It wasn't until I was 40 that I began to study all of the courses I could get hold of, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Eben Pagan, and other internet gurus. All of which I believe added value to my life in that I began to feel as if I was getting somewhere, even though it was all in my mind. But I did feel a whole lot better since hitting the books harder than ever before.

I am far from a professor but in comparison to where I was as a drummer I am a genius. (not really, I still have a long way to go).



Then just as things where picking up again my mother passed and within a year my father had joined her. - Come on, both parents within a year of each other and I almost forgot my dog Roxy in between.

I began to realize that I was the only person who was going to save me. If anything was going to help me it would be my own efforts. Life was harsh and I was getting more than my fare share of bruises. (on reflection It was because I wouldn't settle into a job that was the main cause of my ups and downs - that where more down than up let me add).

I began to study again after my grieving period was over in which I spend most of my days on the XBox. Forza, Formula 1 and Call Of Duty.

I had already studied many areas since the accident from self development to business and marketing, from Andrew Carnegie to Anthony Robbins and Many More business and marketing as well as self development gurus and I was determined to learn my way out of the hole I had spent so many years digging for myself.

I really wanted to go to these peoples seminars but there was no way I could afford it. I couldn't get a job (that I didn't want in the first place?) and my life as a musician left me broke. Jobs that I did, paid a pittance and after the cost of getting me to work, back home, fed and watered there was little else left.

After a long period studying the experts I began to sink into another hole. This was mainly due to reflecting again on my parents and how they were the good thing that kept me going all throughout my life. Since the very beginning they supported me as a drummer but now that was over and it was all up to me. I would have to become my own support system.

Then in another of my darkest hours I decided that I was going to hone my abilities and actually "Follow Through" on something. I was determined that I was going to make those two words a fact of my life. I was going to change things.


In the past I had been incredibly determined to do the wrong things, so I was now going to do the right things. Number One on that list: Seek help. I had always gone it alone. That's part of being a drummer though. If you are in a band you sit at the back out of the way. At around the same time of this "changing moment" a webinar email invitation fell through the inbox and I read a little but before I could finish the email I clicked the Subscribe Button. I sat and made notes to my very first webinar. They say success breeds success and it seemed that was also a new fact of my life. I successfully applied, attended and made notes. I actually felt successful. I wasn't fully prepared but that was the first thing I was going to follow through on.


I then attended another and another. I made notes and studied the systems I learned but all to no avail. Just a little further along the road of what seemed a failed life. My initial enthusiasm was curbed and I now understood why Anthony Robbins asked that question "Why Do Some Succeed and Others Do Not?  I was more confused and deflated than ever before. It had been one long struggle with a few highlights along the way. Another Hump On The Camels Back?

Changing Times - How A Webinar Saved My Butt

Then for some strange reason I became attracted (in the A-sexual sense) to Alex Jeffrey's - His emails seemed to be shouting me: STEPHEN! STEPHEN! STEPHEN!!! - The louder they got the more I felt compelled to listen. OK, OK, OK, I decided to give it one last go. I registered on one of his webinar's and actually couldn't believe it. This guy was actually making sense to me. He was actually giving me some new and different interpretations that made more sense of other knowledge I had learned along the way through my recovering/building processes.

I said to myself there and then that I was going to go and see this guy at all costs, this year or next. Then I decided to do something about it right now. I made a few preparations then purchased a few of his lower priced products then finally joined his Coaching Program all within a couple of days. I continue today to study and practice Alex's methods as they begin  to form a working system I can adopt to build (any niche I pleased) instead of waste my wealth as I was doing for so long before.

I am still not super successful but I'm on my way and more certain than ever before that I will arrive. In the style I deserve.

Thanks For Listening....

I hope that in some little way that this post serves to get you even more jacked up to build even more success for yourself and your life.

A New Start

I am just at the beginning of this but to be honest I am sick of traveling the road to success alone. I hope you will join me along the journey, add your comments and help each other make things a whole lot clearer in our lives and our futures.

The webinar quite literally Saved My Butt! simply because it gave me hope when I was at the bottom of the camels hump, preparing to make another journey towards success - But this time  I wouldn't be alone. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on as I go on to achieve even bigger and better results in my future than I ever did in my past. With Help?

But for now I feel I should review my past, document my present and claim anything within either that may be worth saving so that I can say that my past wasn't a total right off.

Please add your comments and let me know what you would like to see here and I will do my best to provide it.

Drumming Up The Comments

Thanks again


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