I Walk With Giants

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Although I have never been into the whole celebrity worshiping thing that as been the fad over the past few years (don't get me wrong if your a fan of someone famous that's great, but the papers take it too far in my own personal view - They make it look as if the general public worship these celebrities? screaming crowds and such).

I do however, appreciate the general need to follow in the footsteps of the people that you admire and especially the people you would like to emulate.

One Mans Rubbish

I found 7 x A4 size picture frames laying around the other day and decided that I could quite easily put them to good use. As I already mentioned I didn't want a wall full of celeb photos and as I was thinking about what pictures to put in the frames I had a little inspiration.

I recalled the movie "Back To The Future" (not sure whether it was 1, 2 or 3) in which the Doc was in a spot of bother, actually he was in a pickle - again. He didn't know how to solve a particular issue revolving around getting Marty Back To The Future.

As he paced around the room with his head in his hands he said a line similar to, "What should I do Tom"?. He was referring to Thomas Edison who was one of the 4 or 5 photos hanging above his fireplace. The photos where of people who where an inspiration to him and being an inventor, a crazy one at that - he had an image of Edison over the mantle.

A few of his inspirations hung there but I cannot recall who they all where. I think Einstein was a prominent one as he went so far as to call his dog Einstein.

Copy Cat Tactics

So I thought I would do the same and add some of my inspiring Role Models to my wall.

Here are the pictures I chose and the reasons why.


Albert Einstein - German-born theoretical physicist

Albert Einstein

I chose Einstein because of his knowledge of the physical universe in which we live. Although as a young lad physics was totally out of my depth I have a lot better understanding of it now (although I am no Einstein). This helps me to reflect on the things around me and gives me insights into who, what and where we are as well as where we are going which of course when you adapt this to a business or marketing situation it forces you to get down to the bare bones and try to understand the systems in which probable success will function at it's best.


Thomas Edison - American inventor and businessman

Thomas Edison

Although I am not an inventor, having him around is inspiring in that it gives me the confidence to pursue my goals and if I fail I get right back in there and try again. Of course we have all heard the quote about Edison when someone said to him "you have failed 10,000 times, why don't you give up?" to which he replied something similar to "I have found 10,000 ways a light bulb will not work", which basically narrows down the possibilities to finding a way that does make it work. This of course is akin to keep on keeping on, track your progress and follow through to find solutions with the life that you are creating/ Inventing?

bruce-lee-celebrity-wallpaper - Copy

Bruce Lee - The father of mixed martial arts

Bruce Lee

Of course this chap was as tough as nuts but he has one quality that I really lack and need to work on so every time I look at the picture hanging there it helps me to keep on track or get back on track through DISCIPLINED effort towards my outcomes. Without which I wouldn't be where I am and would never get where I want to be. (I really need to get this area down).


Anthony Robbins - American life coach, self-help author and motivational speaker

Anthony Robbins

Well what can I say about this guy. He is just an awesome dude. He comes across as genuinely interested in people and he puts his feeling right out there and encourages others to do the same. As far as self development goes this chap knows his nuts and his ability to project a loving and caring persona whilst still being "a man" is fantastic. I really like this chaps teachings to. He projects the image that I think we all would like to become which inspires me to become a better person myself.


Andrew Carnegie - Scottish-American industrialist who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century

Andrew Carnegie

I got hooked on Andrew Carnegie after watching a documentary on his life.  Being a musician I am aware that music makes a massive difference to films videos and documentaries etc, but the music behind the documentary drew a fantastic picture of the struggle and the gigantic bloke this little bloke was? The documentary "Andrew Carnegie - The Richest Man In The World" is a great documentary of his life. It is at the very least inspiring and at the very most life changing.

One step at a time this guy went from rags to riches and then gave all of his riches away. Awesome.


David Ogilvy - Advertising executive. He is widely hailed as "The Father of Advertising"

David Ogilvy

To be honest I know nothing of this fella. I believe he was the king of advertising in his day, which is an interest of mine. Not so much advertising but the basic idea of advertising which is telling other people what you have, how you can benefit them etc. which is basically marketing.

I do have his autobiography lined up ready to begin reading it. I am a few weeks off that though so he is just there to serve as a reminder that I have things to do and goals to reach.

And Finally...

Buddy Rich for no other reason than he is awesome.

Photo of Buddy RICH

Buddy Rich - An American jazz drummer and band leader. Rich was billed as "the world's greatest drummer"

So there you have it. I could add more but I ran out of photo frames.

Please feel free to add your comments and let me know who your roll models are and why?

Thanks Again for reading,


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