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I had to go into the town center today on my bike. It is about 5 miles away. I rode through the country along the canal and had a very pleasant journey (I'll show you some images I shot on the way). Except for one little incident and reminder to myself about an important

part of my success and development, my plans and my aims.


Paradox Mountain Bike

The Journey

The purpose of the journey was to get a steroid injection in my right elbow. I have been suffering from tennis elbow for around a year now, due (I think) to weight training. I always tend to go over the top and overstretch my arms which I believe is the cause.

It could actually be due to my constant typing and using the mouse. - which of course I cannot give up now as I have invested too much time into the internet and website building, internet marketing and so on to give it up now.

Inspiration Comes When You Least Expect It


My First Stop At The River

As I was peddling away along the canal a thought came to me. A flash of inspiration. (An absolutely great idea - An integrated picture of a concept important to me in creating and writing and developing this blog).

At that moment I realized that I didn't have a pen and I didn't have a piece of paper or notepad.

Big mistake. I could have really done with jotting the exact concept down there and then to make absolutely sure I had a written note.

But alas it was too late. The image came to my mind and left just as quickly.

It is absolutely vital that I solve that problem to never let it happen again.

Doctors Orders - A Welcome Surprise


My Second Stop At The Canal Bridge

I arrived at the doctors over an hour early so just sat around and wasted my time for a while. I hadn't done that for a while so it was quite relaxing and made a change from my usual busy doing everything position. Everything or nothing, I can't make my mind up about that.

When I eventually heard the receptionist call my name I went through the door to the doctors office. The doctor seemed a nice woman but then she did something I have never experienced before. She was warning me of the dangers.

Dangers? Danger? What Dangers? "Well" she said, "You may get an infection or other effect from the injection, you could have sensitive skin around the area and you could get a swelling? I couldn't believe my ears. "They are not dangers" I said, why would you say those things to which she replied "Because I have to". To which I replied "Ah well in all honesty just stick the needle in and get it over with thanks". Which in itself is quite odd as I hate getting needles almost to the point of fear (but not quite).


Taking A Rest Because I Was Almost An Hour Early

I am not sure whether she was aware of my fear but not only did she give me the needle and set me on the road to hopefully a painless and stronger right arm but she cured my fear of needles too.

Well done doc.

Thanks For Reading.


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