Conquering Adversity

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Have you ever suffered from back problems?

Recently I realized that I had been sat on my sofa 10 ft away from a 50" plasma tv typing, web building, writing and other projects I thought where going to take me to success fast.

Boy was I wrong. The only place they took me was to the doctors. (again) Actually that was a slight exaggeration but they did take me to a much worse state of health than I have ever experienced before (actually that's a good thing looking at how some people suffer in life - of course good in the sense that I didn't allow myself to get worse.)

Actually it wasn't the writing and the web building that took me to this place of ill health and inspired INaction. It was my posture. I'll say that again POSTURE. The way I was sitting. Rather, it was "The Wrong Way I Was Sitting".

I realized that because I had been at the computer for so long (time flies when you are enjoying yourself) I was slouching in my seat. The sofa?

At times it was agony to get up and sometimes to get back down again. At other times I would be walking and all of a sudden a massive pain in my back grabbed hold of my spine and pulled, nay dragged me down to the ground.

I was in a bad way to say the least.

Because of my studies in self improvement areas and positive thinking methods etc, I decided to tackle this myself. ( I am making no recommendations here though - frankly I was afraid that it could have been something really bad, like PERMANENT! ) I decided that I would begin with an improved state of mind. Which I did promptly.  But after a few days I realized this was worse than I initially thought. I hope it's not here to stay rushed through my mind again and again.

After some analysis of my situation I remembered something I did when I was about 18 years old. I picked up a medical book and practiced a simple sitting exercise for 10 minutes and the feeling (back then) that came over me was fantastic - actually it was more phenomenal. I actually felt psychologically and physically empowered. I practiced this techniques due to my drumming and thought it would help my life as a drummer. I was ambitious back then, probably beyond my capabilities too.

So I recalled the exercise but couldn't remember the details so I purchased a couple of small books that dealt with the method I was using.

Step By Step Guide To The Alexander Technique

Step By Step Guide To The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique.

The philosophy is simple. When you where a child can you remember sitting at your school desk and more than likely to some degree (over a period of time) you would lean over the desk, bending your back in the process? Do you remember beginning to slouch even a little as you sat through the long lessons. (they appeared to be long to me).

Over time those movements mentioned and others form bad habits and posture when standing sitting, lifting etc.

So the Alexander Techniques is a process of Re-Education. To tell your body to simply sit up, shoulders back and down, chest out chin horizontal to the ground and so on.

It is simply a matter of removing the automatic habits when we sit, stand and walk or other physical activity by THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU DO, Before You Do It. And making sure we do it the right way.

You then consciously concentrate on performing the activity in the correct manner. I am not an expert on the method but It did serve to get me off of the sofa, into my office chair and consciously think about my posture in everything that I do. I now continue to think before I physically act and usually the actions are successful.  Again here we see "Preparedness before the success in action" Inspiring? Don't you think.

Have you had a similar experience? If so tell us about it.

They say that we should eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive. To me that doesn't mean Forget About The Negative? It means Eliminate it. Get it out there! Tell someone Don't they say a problem shared.....

Only when you have Eliminated The Negative is it even possible to accentuate the positive. Otherwise, isn't the positive built on a rocky foundation of negativity? Of course it is.

What I am asking for here is for you to share what success you have had beating down an illness or disability and making it a positive in order to build upon a solid foundation. That way the wolves can huff and puff all they want. They wont blow your house down? Right.

Please leave your comments and don't hold back.

Here's to solid foundations.


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