The New Way to EXPERIENCE MORE Within 
Your 3 Lifes!!
The sole purpose of this website is to enable you to have a better experience of yourself and because of that we will use certain words very loosely... Because.... we don't think that words are actually enough to either express that which surrounds us... Or, that which we are in the process of becoming...

And we are in the process of Becoming... MORE!

Some call this "MORE", self improvement, self development, consciousness, the subconscious and many other names.

But here we are referring to ALL That You Are Capable Of Becoming.

The ruler In your life... And because you are the ruler you become responsible... Which removes any external influence from the equation whilst at the same time remaining within the bounds of morality and virtue which in turn keep you within the laws of man, but as an effect of your own morality and virtue.


It is therefore our hope that each individual takes on the personal responsibility and take steps within the 3Lifes system and the basic self improvement techniques, tips, systems and methods that will hopefully help you create a better life.

Here we use the word "Life" very loosely because we think that what we are all looking for really is a better experience.

A Better Experience Of:...

  • First: Ourselves...
  • Second: of Others...
  • And Third: of the World.

Only when one of those areas remains unfulfilled do we seek beyond our world into the universe in order to validate our experienced situations as something that is good for us as opposed to the reality that we remain unfulfilled within those experiences, which is why we must each take on the responsibility to improve our lives ourselves. Having said that, we do believe that we are not merely physical beings put here to experience a physical life with all that entails... But instead to experience something much bigger - Which is the purpose of this site and the 3Lifes methodology.


Everything that you think and feel within Your INNER Life is your main responsibility to yourself. But this is not about thinking positively or blindly accepting everything as good and virtuous but instead to think creatively. Always thinking in a way that produces a better result in the way that you experience your second life. Your EXTERNAL LIFE.


As your experienced INNER Life is an effect of your efforts to improve that Inner Life your OUTER Experience of Life is an effect of your Inner Life. Thinking creatively always produces growth in the external life after the old experiences have passed away. What you Do then becomes more meaningful to you.


Of course everything that you Think About Creating within your INNER Life spills over into your OUTER Life and the better you feel within produces yet more good feeling without. You are then free to Pursue Your Ideal Life Experience which as mentioned is the sole aim of this site. To guide you into that direction of pursuing your own personal special interests and transforming them into values for yourself, others and the world.

Become part of the 4eLife Network and the New World Opportunity to Breath More LIFE Into Your Online Activities.


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